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Vineyard-At-Home London embraces three core values of simplicity, sustainability and space. Space for God’s Spirit. Space for engaging conversations with one another and our neighbour.

One of the ways we embed  those values is through our simple monthly rhythm that lets us engage with Jesus in various ways. So each week our gatherings look a little different and are held at different times.

On the 1st Sunday of each month we throw a party with plenty of good food. We call it ‘Meals that Matter’. This is where we get to practice hospitality. We invite folks we are building relationships with and focus our conversations around the life of Jesus.

The 2nd Sunday our church engages Jesus through scriptures. We practice dwelling in the scriptures through communal reading and reflection and interactive conversation.

On the 3rd Sunday we really change things up. Instead of gathering in a home, we scatter throughout the community as ambassadors of Christ. For example, a number of us go to a specific community we adopted 3 years ago. We bring food, and we share the gospel, and we heal the sick.

On the 4th  Sunday we begin by sharing stories of our encounters from the previous week and then we do some equipping and training in the area of being and making disciples.

When there is a fifth Sunday in a month we either extend our time of worship and prayer for one another or we plan a special event for those Sundays.

Here are the specifics for upcoming Vineyard-At-Home London meetings.


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